Moneytech - mining technologies for everyone.

  • Cheap electricity cost
  • Wholesale prices for components and consumables
  • Transparent realtime information about the company's income
  • Direct correlation of the coin's capitalization and strengthening of the company's production capacities
  • Monthly investor's income payout
Monthly income payout to investors
Limited supply of 500 000 MT
The first token provided with mining equipment (ETH, ZCash)
The ability of the holders of the tokens to directly manage the company through open voting
Each investor has the right to determine what currency the company will produce, and how to distribute the profits
MoneyTech LTD. Why Us?
A team has more than 2 years experience in cryptocurrency mining
Own production facilities allocated in Ukraine (the cost of mining farms is more than 100 thousand dollars)
Adaptive Mining Technology allows to set the production of any profitable cryptocurrency (Monero, ZCash, ETH are the most profitable for now)

Our mining capacities are located in Ukraine, where one of the world's lowest cost of consumed electricity, needed to ensure the production of crypto currency. Moneytech purchased and installed two types of mining farms (for more than $ 100,000), now the ETH and Zcash mining is underway. Profitability in real time is available for mining pools through links:

Farms for 6 video cards
Radeon Rx 570/580 Productivity ETH - 165-175 mh-s Average income per month - 3.6 ETH
GeForce GTX 1060/1070 Productivity Zcash - 1.6-1.9 KH-S Average income per month - 2.55 Zcash
Farms for 4 video cards
Radeon Rx 570/580 Productivity ETH - 110-118 mh-s Average income per month - 2.4 ETH
GeForce GTX 1060/1070 Productivity Zcash - 1.07-1.27 KH-S Average income per month - 1.7 Zcash

Moneytech issues 500 000 MT for ico.

ICO will last 5 weeks.

Moneytech introduces a discounted rate for the period of ICO

1 week - 1 MT = 0.85 usd
2 week - 1 MT = 0.88 usd
3 week - 1 MT = 0.91 usd
4 week - 1 MT = 0.94 usd
5 week - 1 MT = 0.97 usd
When ICO ends, the starting recommending exchange price of 1 MT = 1 usd. In the event that the tokens are sold in the first week of the ICO, the collected 425,000 usd will be distributed as follows:
  • 83% - spent on the purchase of equipment and the formation of 70 new mining farms
  • 12% - technical equipping premises for mining and operating costs
  • 5% - founders compensation costs
Business plan
Moneytech token capitalization has a direct correlation with the growth of the company's assets. The supply of tokens is limited - 500,000 MT. In case if during the first ICO week all tokens will be purchased (the minimum plan), the setting up of 70 mining farms will provide monthly production of ETH / Zcash - 56,000 usd income in the first month.
Incomes from mining:
According to this plan, the capitalization of Moneytech will grow by 4% every month (in geometric progression), and for the year - 60% in total. Accordingly, the profitability of investors in our model also directly depends on the company's capitalization*.
Planned growth in yield (%)
When ICO ends, the starting bid price of the token 1 MT = 1 usd.

The recommended schedule for changing the MT rate on crypto-exchanges:

Incomes from mining:
Anton Zaytsev
Elena Poddoubnaya
Elena Perelygyna
PR director
Alexey Besarab
What is a mining farm?
These machines are compiled on the basis of computer components and designed for mining any cryptocurrency.
Where do the money come from?
In the very essence of crypto currency is the process of generating coins for each specific period of time, which are distributed proportionally between the miners. The miners with their computing power ensure the security of the network, and the network pays for it with cryptocurrency (the process is fully automated and independent of anyone)
Why is one currency expensive and the other cheap?
The value of one coin (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) is determined by the value of the payment system itself (uniqueness, convenience, safety), the period of existence on the market, the volume of investments in projects based on this cryptocurrency, demand and supply on World Stock Exchanges and many other reasons.
How relevant is it to be engaged in mining now?
The number of new users is constantly growing, especially taking into account the investment and technical attractiveness of cryptocurrency. In connection with the increase in the number of transactions, more equipment is needed for their confirmation. Thus, the relevance of this direction will persist with the growth in the number of users and the emergence of new cryptocurrencies.
Who can become an investor?
Any interested person can become an investor. In this process, the most important things are convenience and transparency of investment. Therefore, we have chosen the Waves Platform for our ICO. Today it is not affordable for everyone to assemble their own mining equipment, this requires not only technical knowledge, but also a certain amount of money that is not available to everyone. That is why we announced the beginning of our ICO, where everyone has the opportunity to get tokens and become the owner of a mining farm.
What is the total productivity of your farm?
We plan to install 70 mining machines: 35 ETH generated machines with total capacity of 5.8 GH /s and 35 Zcash generated machines with total capacity of 63 kH /s. The total energy consumption is 65 kW/h. You can see the calculation of cryptocurrency mining at www.coinwarz.com/calculators
How will the change in ETH mining algorithm affect the work of the company?
This will positively affect the work of the company, because the new POS algorithm will need only the power of home PC. Accordingly, we will switch all the released capacity to the production of actual coins such as Zcash, Monero, Decret etc. At the same time, we’ll continue mining ETH using the new algorithm.
Technical base